Fix our debt with single-payer health care?

This is an interesting idea, to say the least. I'm sure it's painting a far rosier picture than the reality would be (even if the most ideal system were implemented, which won't be) but just about anything is better than what we have now.

Of course, to implement this, we need to get the insurance industry's hooks out of our government, which isn't going to happen any time soon.

Google’s first self-driving car crash (Jalopnik)

Yeah, it's important to note that this technology won't stop ALL car crashes, especially if there are humans driving non-automated cars. But considering how long they've been doing this, and how this is the FIRST time we've heard about it, leads me to think that these things could already be safer than humans.

I just hope somebody doesn't overreact and cause a panic and get them all banned forever. That seems too likely.

How to ruin your PC game port in five easy steps

It's like what they say about pirating movies: you pay money, and then have to sit through anti-piracy messages and previews designed to squeeze you for even more money. You pirate a movie, and it just fucking STARTS at the movie, first time, instantly, no interruptions.

Same thing with video games. Restrictive DRM, stupid services to log into, constant-connection required? Not on the pirated version! Pirates have far more respect for us than the media industry companies, who just see us all as thieves.

I'm really sad to see Blizzard go the "always-on-internet" route for Diablo III. I thought they were better than that.

Norway Questions Its Tolerance Of Extremism (NPR)

I'm afraid these events (and others like them in the past and future) will cause a crackdown on certain types of speech. That's not the way to handle this. The way to handle bad free speech is with good free speech. People need to be more vocal in their opposition to these loonies, and the moderates need to speak up more against the fundamentalists.

Even hate speech needs to be free, because everything can offend or incite. Otherwise, we get into the realm of blasphemy laws, and who wants that? Muslim criticism of Christianity is considered blasphemous by many Christians. Christian criticism of Islam is considered blasphemous by many Muslims. Atheist criticism of all religion is considered blasphemous by many theists.

Hate speech must be countered with more free speech, not less.