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June 2, 2011 1:50 am Published by 2 Comments

I got it into my head that I wanted to re-create some classic comic book characters. Bear in mind, actually playing with the characters will probably get you in trouble. Since AS is so similar to The Tick, I decided to try to make him first. The eyes were hard to get right, and unfortunately the antennae aren’t thick enough, but the rest turned out pretty nice.

I also made Arthur. I couldn’t really make him as overweight as he is in the comics and animated series, so I mimicked the live-action version more, including the goggles. The wings are too realistic, but that’s the closest I can get.

Then I made some other characters, just at random: The Flash, Batman, and Hellboy. I had seen a pretty mediocre Hellboy running around already, as well as a pretty good Hulk and a decent Hawkeye. I really wish I could use just one gun on my Hellboy, and I wish there was a good Right Hand of Doom to use (and maybe there is) – I used a mechanical hand.

I’ll probably add more in the future if I make any.

Update June 6, 2011: Just added two more. The Plutonian, from the comic series “Irredeemable“. I had a much harder time finding appropriate costumage for this. In the end, I went with what was most true to the character (technically, I did that for all of them).

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  • Yeah. I think the combat is weird in this game, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. The character creator is completely awesome. My first character is a humongous lime green skull faced, bunny eared, horned fanged, double peg legged behemoth named Mr. Snuggles. He has a bow tie too ’cause he’s fancy, and you’d think he’d be perfect for smashing things, but no, he’s a magician, hence the bow tie.

    My second guy was actually a Behemoth class, but I made him very small, with huge arms and itty-bitty hands…his less-than-clever name is “Powerful Tiny Fists.” It made me chuckle.

    • Bevans says:

      Yeah, there are a few things I’ve figured out about the combat.

      First, your energy-building auto-attack. Go into the settings and change the auto-attack behavior to one of the Toggles, or Maintain. (Be warned, you might end up starting fights you didn’t want to start in Maintain mode.)

      Second, many abilities can be “charged” by holding down the button. Or you can just tap the button for a weak attack.

      Third, hit tab to cycle through targets. There’s also a setting to auto-target anyone who’s attacking you, which you should probably turn on.

      Many attacks allow you to move while using them or charging them, which is very different from WoW, where you have to stand still to use any ability that isn’t instantaneous. That means you can do a lot more moving around in combat.

      Use line-of-sight to your advantage, to keep enemies from ganging up on you. Be sure to block often – when you see an enemy charging up a special ability (an icon will appear above their head) hit shift.

      There are a lot of stuns, knock-backs, knock-ups (not that you need any help with that), and slowdowns in the game, which are pretty nice for keeping your enemies busy while you’re taking them out one by one.

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